Gloves added to Warzone !!!

We added all gloves to our game


Enjoy !

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  • I can’t see the gloves in my inventory :'(

    • Aleksandar Petrovic

      update the game

  • S1mple Jr.

    is it available in the Setup? or i still have to update the game ;_;
    it lags whenever i update the game.

  • erikas

    Thanks You WarZone

  • No Name

    I can’t see my gloves in my inventory 🙁

  • No Name

    and after update the game closed

  • Aleksandar Petrovic

    im not sure if its just me, but there is no m4a4 howl, ruby and sapphire dopplers, the skin rarities are messed up. pls fix.

  • Name

    Dopplers , howl and skin rarities are gone. pls fix and add gamma knife’s. PLS WARZONE I AM WAİTİNG //

  • Ilikegames Forfun

    The gamma exposure skins are gone, no ruby doppler/sapphires/black pearls. No M4A4 Howl and skin rarities are screwed over, Dragon Lore is a pink. Medusa is a pink. Seriously man xD I know this has been complained alot but it’s just weird to see a pink Dragon Lore.

  • Bartosz

    no new knives such as gamma doppler lore, please, Amend it

  • Bartosz

    hey people have the new scythes gamma doppler, lore

  • Urmom

    I have your moms .i.

  • yelewer


  • pyT0n “aimBot”

    Gama doppler add plss

  • Please Give a feedback

    please give feedback about the skin rarity mess ups and if posible add new knives it is anoying to see pind dragon lore and I want m4a4 howl back

  • Zacky

    i can’t join in game with new ubdate
    i don’t know why ;(( help me pls XD


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