10 Tips For Becoming A Better CS:GO Player

CS:GO is currently played by millions of people from all around the world. This actually makes it very hard to beginners as the experience can be quite overwhelming. Even some professionals will tell you that it was hard for them to get started.
Fortunately, getting better at playing CS:GO is not as daunting as it might initially seem. There are countless things you can do to improve. The 10 tips below will surely put you on the right path.

Just Keep Practicing

If you decided to improve, the best thing you can do is to practice as much as you can. You have to be completely familiar with the layout of the world. Before you even consider something like being competitive, you have to train your skin.
Make sure that you play with in-game bots first. You have to do this before you practice playing with real people. You might be able to get away with it if you have FPS experience but even then, practice is needed.

Start With The Deathmatch Mode


CS:GO’s Deathmatch Mode appeared in 2012 and it is a perfect way to improve. This is because you can play on any map without being restricted by primary objectives. You just have to eliminate the other team.
In this game mode, you can focus on the core aspects of the game, shooting, and tactics. Your overall game skills will improve much faster if you do not have to worry about planting or defusing bombs.

Buy The Right Hardware

CS:GO is a highly competitive FPS game. As a result, the hardware you use can give you an edge. While the best hardware for you is highly subjective since every player has his/her own quirks, you should seriously consider buying professional-level equipment of the following types:
Headset – You need to hear everything as clear as possible.
Gaming Mouse – In order to be really good, you need to use a gaming mouse that you can customize based on your playing style.
Gaming Keyboard – Often neglected, they can give you an extra edge. Many professionals are nowadays moving towards TKL keyboards so you might consider them for the extra mouse space you gain.
Gaming Monitor – Choose a 144 or 240 hertz option.
Also, you do want a gaming computer capable of offering 120+ fps.

Learn To Use The Weapons

CSGO Weapons

A very common mistake beginners make is trying to master every single weapon. This is not as easy as it first seems. It is a lot better to practice one weapon at a time in Deathmatch mode.
Start with one basic weapon. Learn the recoil patterns and only move on to the next one after you are very effective against bots and other players in Deathmatch. Also, make sure you practice long-range sprays since they help you to get those impressive multi-kills everyone wants.

Practice The Maps

This is particularly important if you think about becoming a professional CS:GO player. Learning the common official maps is particularly vital.
As you practice the different maps, you will quickly notice that you are better at some. These can be used as an advantage during pro games. Also, surf maps are very good since they improve your in-game movements. This is very important because it will help you make enemies miss.

Warm-Up Before Playing Ranked Games

You should never go into any ranked game without a good warm-up. It is enough to play a couple of Deathmatch games or use offline maps with in-game added bots. This gets you in the right mindset and you can even see if it is a good day for you or not. Sometimes, it is better to not play a ranked game if you are not in the mood or you cannot hit those headshots. This would only make it more difficult to climb the ladder.

Improve Your Physical Fitness

CSGO Fitness

If you take a look at competitive gamers, you quickly notice that more and more focus on their physical fitness. This is because being fit will actually help you a lot more than you think.
For starters, you will need to play the game a lot to get good. This can easily lead to injuries. A way to protect yourself from the very common ones is to establish a routine of forearm and wrist exercises. You would thus avoid the very common repetitive strain injuries. These would cut short any professional gaming career.

Watch Streamers To Learn

We all have some gamers that we appreciate. Nowadays, there is a really good possibility they have a stream. A great way to improve your CS:GO tactics and even skills in some cases is to watch such streams.
Most of the top CS:GO players stream. You can easily watch them. Also, you can watch tournaments and POVs. This helps you to see new things that you can implement in your gaming sessions.
In shooting games, you need to keep adding brand new things to constantly improve. Also, you have to learn the meta and be aware of changes as they appear to stay competitive.

Constantly Change Positioning And Tactics

Dust 2 Positions

Your enemies, especially at higher ranks, will quickly get used to what you do. They will notice patterns and will figure out where you will go every single round when you do the same things. That is why you have to constantly change positioning and tactics. A very simple exit point or spot change can confuse enemies.
In CS:GO, when you choose the best positions, you have an advantage. Get used to using map structures to reduce viewing angles for your opponents. And always change your tactics and positioning in a random way.

Rest After Victories And Defeats

In every single competitive game, you need to be aware of your limits. At the end of the day, it is not important if you lose or win. Your mind will respond in the same way. It will need rest. This is even more pivotal for beginners.
The best thing you can do after a game is to take a break. It does not have to be long. It just needs to be enough for your body and brain to rest and reduce stress. Do this after both wins and losses.
You can go outside to walk a little, do some pushups, drink some water while you watch a YouTube clip, or whatever relaxes you. This offers an energy boost and keeps you focused for longer periods of time. But, the most important thing is that it reduces the stress you will experience while playing the game.

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