All callouts in CS:GO

Counter-Strike is nothing without its iconic maps. They build the foundation of the game, bringing players back time after time. The classics like Dust II, Inferno, and Mirage are unforgettable for veterans with years of experience under their belts. But for newer players, they can be a different story. 

Plenty is considered when a map joins the active duty map pool, catering to casual players as well as players at the professional level. Even the smallest details can dramatically affect how a map is played, from the choke points, bottlenecks, and bombsites to the environments themselves. 

Callouts are used to clearly communicate with your teammates and relay crucial information in the thick of the action. Identifying an enemy’s location and cleanly and concisely calling it out can be the difference between winning and losing. 

Here are the callouts for every map in the Counter-Strike active duty competitive map pool.





Dust II



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