Broken Fang: Dust 2 1v1 Map Might Have Been Added to CS:GO

Valve dropped a huge update yesterday with the release of CS:GO’s 10th operation ‘Broken Fang’ which brought with it plethora of content, a good mix of some unique first-time features along with those that have previously worked out for them. But even amidst this shower of maps, skins, patches, stickers, and more the developers seems to have successfully sneaked in a modified version of the map Dust 2.

Operation Broken Fang: Dust 2 1v1 Map Added To CS:GO

A member of the CS:GO community ‘u/workerq1’ recently found out that a hidden modified version of the iconic Counter-Strike map Dust 2 had been shipped along with the Broken Fang update. This updated Dust 2 map has apparently been remade for a 1v1 game mode and is nothing more than just a small closed-off rectangular area with a couple of obstacles scattered randomly within.

Users speculated that it was nothing more than just a warm-up practice map that users would be able to play while waiting in a search queue or while waiting for the game to load, but an interesting comment made by ‘u/workerq1’ points towards the possibility of the heavily speculated 1v1 game mode.

The user had commented that all the seven active-duty maps now allegedly had a mini version of the main map which means that it is quite possible for Valve to ship out a 1v1 faceoff game mode later on, maybe as an exclusive feature for the battle pass users.

So far not all the speculated features have surfaced as part of Broken Fang starting with the winter/snow themed battle pass. Frostbite has certainly made an appearance but along with five other community maps covering almost all game modes. It is quite early to rule out the availability of a new Danger Zone weapon called ‘Tripwire’ which might be released a few weeks down the line.

Having highlighted all these features do take this information with a pinch of salt as nothing is officially confirmed at this point of time and all of this is nothing more than just speculations albeit with some sort of evidence to back them up.

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