Counter-Strike: Global Offensive MLG Columbus 2016

In a recent blog post, Valve announced that, starting with the MLG Columbus 2016 championship, each CS:GO Major Championship prize pool will be increased from $250,000 to $1,000,000.

As has pointed out, “the initially crowd-funded events have featured a $250,000 prize pool since their inception at the end of 2013, with 7 such tournaments having taken place so far.”

MLG have also revealed the distribution of the prize pool money to the 16 teams that participate, and it goes as:

  • 1. $500,000
  • 2. $150,000
  • 3-4. $70,000
  • 5-8. $35,000
  • 9-16. $8,750

MLG Columbus 2016 will take place March 29th – April 3rd in Columbus, Ohio. The final qualifying round for the remaining 8 teams to move on to MLG Columbus takes place this week, February 26th – 28th.

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