Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Overview 2021

CSGO is an Online First Person Shooter released on 21 August 2012, Currently Free to play that has the highest player count on steam Stats with an average of 1M Gamers. with the increase in popularity, the number of cheaters and Smurfs has increased drastically therefore Valve introduced CSGO Prime Accounts which can be achieved either by purchasing prime status from steam or by boosting your CSGO Account to Private Rank 21 which roughly takes 9 weeks.

CSGO Has two teams that perform the roles of either counter-terrorists or terrorists and they compete in a couple of different game modes. A few of the most popular CSGO game modes are listed below.

This Game mode is used for warming up players spawn randomly on any part of the map they can choose a weapon of their choice and score some frags that’s all, each Deathmatch game mode is for 10 mins and the player with max kills and score wins the game.

Arms Race
In This Gamemode players are given a specific weapon and the weapon is changed after every kill and the final weapon is a knife. The one who knifes ends the game and wins the game mode

This is similar to competitive matchmaking but players are given specific guns and they cannot make any purchase in the game.

In casual 20 players can play together making 10v10 possible, Similar rules apply whoever wins 8 out of a total of 15 rounds wins the game mode. Casual made is for fun and Ranking is not affected.

This is the main game mode where people Compete 5v5 up to 30 rounds, the team who wins 16 rounds wins the game. Winning or losing a Competitive game will affect your CSGO Ranking, CSGO Rank is assigned after successfully winning 10 Competitive matches there are a total of 18 Ranks in CSGO they are as follows,

With Silver One being the easiest and The Global Elite Being the Hardest Rank to Play. We Recommend making a proper 5 man team if you want to play some serious counter strike and be the Master of the game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the best First Person Shooter games but it’s facing huge competition by new games like Valorant Accounts, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, etc and Valve will have to compete them with the upcoming source 2 updates in CSGO.

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