Counter Strike : Source

Hello, great news today. We release CSS installation 🙂

More details u can find HERE




  • Chaari Slim

    there is a problem when installing….

    • StarBuck

      Try my comment up there.

  • Amell Gaming

    how to change your nickname

    • moldovanu robert

      open console and type: setname “yourname” (whitout “)

  • Xamer

    When installing i got a error that steam.dll wasnt there.I skipped it but i got more problems
    When creating a server : CD AUTHECENTATİON (i wrote that wrong) is not invalid.
    Than it takes me to the menu.
    FİX PLS.

  • Mikey

    CD Key authentication invalid for internet servers.
    Also i got a steam.dll error on installing but i skipped it.

  • Slayinate

    how do you change name? i changed in rev but stays as ‘Your name’

    • StarBuck

      Press the Tilde key (It’s to the left of the button for “!” above the letters), then type: “setname ‘yourname'” without the quotes.

  • moldovanu robert

    can’t connect to servers

  • GameKing0000

    Says the game is installed but it´s not. please help

    • StarBuck

      Try my comment up there.

  • StarBuck

    The game extracts fine, but you will have to uninstall the CSGO WarZone Launcher to be able to install it. Also, if you are having a gameinfo.txt error, simply go into the cstrike file, copy the gameinfo.txt file there, then paste it into the hl2 file. To start the game after that you’ll just need to click hl2.exe, which is the one with the yellow logo. The only problem is that you can’t create servers due to a “CD Key authentication invalid for internet servers.” error. I hope this gets soon, big thanks to WarZone team however for making this, CS1.6, and CSGO Warzone happen.

    • StarBuck

      *I hoped this gets fixed soon

      • IanololggBR

        same,and using command lines with loader.exe says “unable to execute command:” and shows the launch options.

    • rimyl

      how to uninstall the launcher without removing csgo this css crack was a rush -_-

  • Kiril

    Online installation PLSSSS! 🙂

  • Jyni

    Mine is stuck at “Installing”…

  • Ilikegames Forfun

    I order the installer to install it in E, since i hate slamming everything on my C drive. It still installs it in C and i just keep ordering it to cancel the installation. Is it because it failed to download about 5 times and i kept telling to download again?

  • TrollfreaK Sconosciouto

    My game crashes on start and says an error something about .dll cannot be launched

  • Classic

    is there the folder where you can install mods n stuff?

  • Eduard

    Hey, my CSGO doesn’t run.. what should I do? PS: I have Windows 10

    • Eduard

      Also, my community servers don’t work.

      • Revesz Balazs

        Update ur warzone client noob

    • vivo

      install direct x

  • Ranjit Venugopal

    how to uninstall warzone

  • Slayinate


  • Serkan Yurdaer

    amk size amk kafalar

    • Mikey

      Nediyon lan

  • harry miller


  • JokeR

    how do i change my name in cs source

  • Maskwiej

    What version it is?

  • Muzammil Khowaja

    How To Start Half Life 2 Game I Just Play Css But Where Is Half Life How To play Half Life2

  • Farhad Mohammadi

    hello the download ling doesent work

  • Anonymous KTM

    how to change name bro

  • Cg_gameplayYT


  • Cg_gameplayYT

    lol its not working sh*t

  • xxsavisaarxx

    Works perfectly! Thanks.
    The problems i got into :
    1) had to uninstall csgo launcher (warzone)
    2)name : i had to toggle console on and set toggle console key from config. and from console i got to change my name 🙂


    Omg man! I wait this for 1 year 😀

  • Shpend Trilexx

    guys how to install cs s


    Hello, When I install CSGO launcher again, the CS Source gets uninstalled. Can You Fix this. I want to have both games in one PC. Thank you in advance. please share answer in link too

  • harry miller

    thank you for releasing it 🙂

  • No one

    how to update the game???

    • Luka Mariamidze

      have you updated css??

  • How to update this???

    • Luka Mariamidze

      have you updated css ? i cant play ((

  • Amir Messai

    how to update i can’t play online “the server you are trying to connect to is running a newer version of the game”

    • Luka Mariamidze

      have you updated game ?


    please how to update tge game??? :/ 🙁 all servers
    dont work

    • Luka Mariamidze

      have you updated gam e ???


    please help me 🙁 how to update CSS

  • Pratham Jadhav

    is there any launcher for CS:S like CS:GO? – cuz there is a update for CSS realeased on 15 June 2017


    • Luka Mariamidze

      have you updated game ?

  • boumediene.DZ

    pleaaaase how i can update my cs:s warzone plzzz help guys

    • younes

      server running newer version of the game !!! fix ??
      kifach ndir ??

  • younes

    server running newer version of the game !!! fix ??

  • Gueorge Bojor


  • Brandon Lafleur

    please how do i update to play the servers?? 🙁

  • Chronos

    hello how can i put custom skins if this dosent have a folder ?

  • Kron

    the installer for css doesnt work

  • Venit Zone

    How to install models. First you must copy evry models or folder and paste to csswarzone/cstrike/custom/and cut on this folder any models .When you dont have a custom folder YOU MUST CREATE!!! Sorry for my English im fron Poland 🙂

  • Venit Zone

    Whyle css with models not working?
    hl2.exe stop working. pls for HELP!!!!!!!

  • DerpDot

    Hello Is it possible to launch the hl2 installed cause i want to play hl2 so badly but i seemingly cant

  • Alex Jiménez

    how to kill the bots “bot_kill” in the console? i can´t found it!

  • FCK

    this shit doesnt work btw. thanks for wasting my time fuck you

  • FCK

    your installer doesnt working. thanks for wasting my time fuck you btw

  • Adam Elo Suchy


  • Adam Elo Suchy


  • VVV

    After Insatallation i have updated too. but while creating server it gives error that running server must me steam.
    I think i have wasted time and data after reading comments