Critical CS:GO Ping Bug Found Which Can Reveal Enemy Through Walls

The recently introduced ‘Dynamic Ping Feature’ in CS:GO has resulted in another game-breaking bug where players can use these pings to detect enemies through walls and other solid surfaces. Valve had patched an earlier version of this bug along with the controversial 7 January update, when they removed the CS:GO bots from competitive matchmaking. But despite their best efforts, it seems that a new version of the ‘CS:GO Ping Bug’ has now surfaced, once again allowing the players to use the ‘Dynamic Ping Feature’ as a literal Wallhack. Here is a proper breakdown of this critical CS:GO bug which is easy to replicate and can cause havoc in lower-ranked competitive matches.

CS:GO Ping Bug – New Game Breaking Version Found

A new version of the ‘CS:GO Ping Bug’ has bee found by ‘u/birkir’ who has shared the proper details with the CS:GO community. As per the video shared by the user, if there is a player hiding behind a corner – holding that spot or angle and the opponent coming towards him pings exactly on the corner, then that ping automatically jumps on top of the player’s head behind that corner.

This gives the player approaching that corner or angle a considerable advantage, as they are now aware of the fact that there is indeed an enemy player hiding there. Simply pre-firing that corner is enough for them to win that duel as the player holding the corner spot has no idea that he has already been spotted.

This ‘CS:GO Ping Bug’ might not be a proper wallhack but it surely works like one and is actually not too different from its previous version. Valve had rolled out a fix earlier this year to patch out the previous ping bug,

“Pings no longer move when walked over by characters, and will no longer highlight weapons in competitive matches.”

But it seems that like any classic bug fix while one problem was successfully patched out another has crept in. The players can ping a corner of any official CS:GO map without even peeking and if there is an enemy player present there the ping will automatically jump to their head, this is just insane and can have a huge impact to the gameplay aspect of CS:GO.

The top-tier competitive circuit might stray away from abusing this bug but the same cannot be said for the lower-tier tournaments with confidence. Apart from that even in competitive matchmaking, the lower-ranked games will be abusing this system a lot as those players have a general tendency to hold corners, off angles, and just camp in such spots.

All Valve needs to do is further tweak their ‘Dynamic Ping Feature’ by a bit and eliminate the action of the ping jumping onto the player behind the corner. Of course, this is easier said than done but hope that this issue is patched before it becomes a habit.

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