CS:GO Abbey Updates, Biome Updates & Danger Zone Graffiti

A new CS:GO update for March has made some map changes. There are some Abbey updates, Biome updates, as well as some updates to Wingman map Vertigo. The Danger Zone graffiti for the IEM Katowice showmatch is also now live. Here’s more on the latest CS:GO March update.

CS:GO Abbey Updates

Some new changes have been made to de_abbey to improve the gameplay of the map.

Most updates have been made to the B bombsite. B long is now closer to the bombsite and the wall has now been removed to force more aggression.

abbeyblong 768x432 min

The bombsite has also been extended to allow for more plants, and the gatehouse has some glow sticks to improve visibility.

abbeyb 768x432 min

Similar changes have been made to the underpass area, which now has lights and a window for Terrorists to execute with grenades.

abbeyunderpass 768x432 min

Some small changes have also been made to A bombsite, including removed fences and a crate for CTs to hold from.

abbeyasite 768x432 min

There are also some other minor adjustments and clipping improvements throughout the map.

CS:GO Biome Updates & Vertigo Updates

There have also been some minor changes to Biome and Vertigo.

The new update reverts some of the changes made to Biome in the January update, specifically with the connector between A main and A long and the Mid lower entry.

biomemid 768x432 min

Vertigo has also received some minor changes. A site is enabled in Wingman, complete with new art and gameplay updates.

CS:GO Danger Zone Graffiti

The IEM Katowice 2019 showmatch featured pros and broadcast talent competing to be immortalized via a graffiti on the Danger Zone Blacksite map.

Polish duo Gruby and Furlan won. Furlan snatched first place by sneaking along the roof of a building in the Tourist location to kill the last 2 enemies.

The two players are now honored in a graffiti on the Tourist building where Furlan got the final kills. It features a wolf with their two names.

dangerzonegraffiti 768x432 min

There have been a few other minor changes and bug fixes in the latest update. You can view all of these in the CS:GO release notes.

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