CS:GO players report long queue times and overnight rank resets

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are reporting issues with long queue times and matchmaking ranks resetting overnight. They have been reporting such issues in huge numbers on the game’s subreddit since the morning of July 31.

It seems that there are two major issues with CS:GO’s system now, though it’s unclear how and if they are related. While some players are taking up to 20 minutes to find matches, others have found that their rank has been reset this morning after playing matches last night. They have yet to find out if the rank reset is just a visual issue or if players’ matchmaking rankings have been fully reset.

The issue appears to be widespread. Players from Europe, North America, and Korea have reported long queue times despite their previous rank or number of people in their party.

Rank resets seem to be happening to a lot of players, though some report they can still see their friends’ ranks despite having problems with their own. Others say their win count is also set to zero.

There are two possible problems for the rank reset to happen. The first is that this is a visual-only bug, and the game has preserved every player’s matchmaking ranking. The second is that a true reset happened and several players now have their veteran accounts with fresh matchmaking ranking, which could lead to a temporary chaos in ranked matches due to highly-skilled players competing against true rookies. Either way, Valve likely has a way to revert everything to its previous state with little loss for players, despite what’s causing the problem. Any change is probably temporary and reversible.

Valve has yet to comment on this issue.

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