CS:GO User Finds Insane AWP Spots Outside The Map on Vertigo

The map which was once hated by the community has slowly turned into one of the most picked maps in the competitive CS:GO circuit. As Vertigo’s popularity keeps increasingly more casual users are slowly taking an interest in the map trying out different things like, finding new utility lineups, running various unexpected strats, and even discovering unusual AWP spots outside of the map which is possible only on Vertigo due to its unique design.

A CS:GO player who goes by the name of ‘Mikooboy’ on Reddit recently shared a fantastic clip where he can be seen showing off two unique AWP spots on Vertigo which lie outside of the map. Both the spots require a mid-air boost making this a two-man job, the first spot gives the user a partial view of the ‘B-Site’ while the other gives control over ‘Mid’, this is an insane find by Mikooboy who must have spent quite a lot of time in finding these unique spots.

Though both these spots are a great discovery it cannot be used in a competitive match as these may come under bug abuse. This is because in order to gain access to any one of these spots a minimum of two players is needed which is fine, but the placement of the first player in both these instances is being referred to as a form of ‘pixel walk’ as the player is just hanging in mid-air while the second player jumps on top of him to gain a boost.

It is similar to the famous ‘Olof Boost’ where one of the players gave Olof “olofmeister” Gustafsson a boost after taking the support of a clipping bug. Both these spots if used in a competitive match might bear negative consequences based on the same reasoning, but at least casual players can use these for some mind-blowing gameplay footage and some bonus karma before Valve fixes it.

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