CS:GO’s average player count just hit an all-time high

It looks like Valve’s multiplayer FPS Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has seen a big turnout of players over the last month. According to Steam Charts, it appears that yesterday the game saw a new average player count record over the previous 30 days, with the highest number posted since the game’s release.

Steam Charts, a site which tracks videogames’ concurrent player numbers on the platform, gives the average CS:GO player numbers for each month, going back to the game’s Steam release in summer 2012. User UsernameRelevant posted a screenshot on Reddit yesterday of CS:GO’s Steam Charts page, which seems to show a new highest-ever average player count for the game so far.

The number – 402,524.0 over the last 30 days at the time of the poster’s capture yesterday – just topped the other couple of months that hit the 400,000 mark. January this year saw 401,366.9 and February 2017 was the closest, with an average of 402,385.7 players over the month.

However, check the charts today and the number reads 401,620.7 at the time of writing, which dips just below that record again. Numbers on Steam Charts are naturally in a state of flux, but this number still shows that the game’s seen a greater number of average players in this 30 day period than in recent months, which between February and July 2019 were under the 400,000 point each month.

Steam Charts indicates that the average player counts this year so far have been pretty high, and while it’s not confirmed, this could potentially tie into the fact that the game became free-to-play in December last year, which at the time saw its concurrent player counts rocket, following the Danger Zone update.

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