CSGO’s Dust 2 was just remade in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Fans have been given another reminder that just about every game works with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s classic map Dust 2.

A player has recreated CSGO’s famous map inside the newest edition of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater from top to bottom. The playable level was created inside the game’s PS4 level editor and allows players to kickflip their way from the A bombsite all way to B in a completely different way than CSGO players are accustomed to.


CSGO’s classic map Dust 2 remade in THPS

The rule that Dust 2 will be made in any game that allows for custom maps seems real. Copies of the map can even be found inside Fortnite’s Creative Mode, allowing battle royale players a way to play Dust 2. The map has also appeared in the virtual reality shooter Pavlov, giving one of CSGO’s oldest maps the VR treatment.


Dust 2 is a classic map because of its relative balance between sides, as both defenders and attackers have equal opportunities to get aggressive. It also helps that the map has been in the Counter-Strike series of games since the original Half-Life mod, meaning that almost everyone knows how to play it. In fact, it’s still one of the most popular maps in CSGO today, according to a tweet from Steam.db creator Pavel Djundik’s recent player count posted to Twitter.

Sometimes it even happens the other way around. Just this year, a player put Fortnite’s building mechanics inside CSGO’s Inferno. The whacky mashup gave players of both games an idea of what it would be like if the games’ systems switched places, though the results may not have been quite so promising.

With Dust 2’s endless popularity, fans will see the map pop up in other games as time goes on. Although it’s almost hard to think about, if Valorant ever releases the ability to make custom maps, fans will almost definitely see it there as well. 

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