CSGO’s Mirage built in Minecraft, chock full of blocky goodness

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Mirage has been remade in Minecraft by one dedicated fan. 

Players can’t decide whether they love or hate Mirage, CSGO’s other desert-themed level. It’s been around since CSGO launched in 2012 and has been a part of the competitive map rotation ever since.  But even if Valve has decided the map doesn’t need a full rework, a fan of both Minecraft and CSGO decided to take the time to rework Mirage in their own way. Reddit user saultj_ took the time to faithfully recreate CSGO’s second-most-popular map in Microsoft’s creative simulator, laying down thousands of blocks to remake Mirage in the Minecraft engine.

Originally posted on the Minecraft subreddit, the unofficial remake quickly made its way over to CSGO thanks to how faithful the Minecraft version of Mirage was to the real thing. It looks painstakingly detailed, from kitchen all the way to Mirage’s B site.

But the most impressive part is how the user took the time to lay out the details on Mirage that most CSGO players don’t know are there. For example, players are usually too distracted by bullets to notice that underpass has not one, but two side rooms that CSGO’s developers created and textured were included in the Minecraft build.

The Minecraft version of Mirage has more details, too. It even looks like they’ve included the open atrium in palace and the second door inside the same room, another part of Mirage that many players overlook. Users have mashed up CSGO with other games in the past. Just last year, a user recreated Dust 2 in Fortnite while someone else took a look at what CSGO’s Inferno would look like if players could build on the map like they can in Epic’s shooter. 

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