CS:GO’s newest update broke a character model

Yesterday’s CS:GO update has caused a bug that’s broken one of the game’s character model.

alve has reduced the memory footprint of some character models and it affected one called “FBI model A,” a counter-terrorist character playable on Nuke. The update is supposed to improve FPS for low specs systems.

Since the FBI model is translucent after the update, it’s harder to see his face in-game and it’s almost invisible when it appears on the game’s menu because of the Danger Zone map, Sirocco.

The majority of CS:GO fans are only making fun of the bug in Reddit rather than complaining about it. But it shows that Valve didn’t properly test the new update before releasing it. The company also hasn’t addressed the issue yet on social media or elsewhere.
Since it’s a small bug, Valve should be correcting it later today in a small fix. CS:GO updates usually are released on Tuesdays.

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