CS:GO’s Response to Tweet Hints Towards New Operation 10 Map

Popular British CS:GO Observer Alexander “Rushly” Rush has been mesmerizing the entire Counter-Strike community with his amazing ‘Bump Mine’ plays since quite some time but his most recent clip caught a bit of extra attention when CS:GO devs themselves acknowledged his gameplay. While the play in itself was brilliant a few believe the comment left by the CS:GO devs to be a hint about an upcoming ‘Operation 10’ Danger Zone map called ‘Frostbite’ which is themed around winter/snow.

CS:GO Devs Drop Hint About New Operation 10 Map

Rushly in his bump mine clip posted on Twitter had mentioned something about him still waiting for CS:GO developers to drop the highly anticipated winter/snow themed Danger Zone map ‘Frostbite’. Which is being speculated to release as part of the upcoming ‘Operation 10’ which is apparently also themed around the concept of snow, winter, and ice.

According to leaks, this next operation is part of something called ‘Seasonal Operations’ which is something Valve is working on. It is nothing but an annual operation each with its own dedicated theme which will be released in the month of November every year so as to provide the players with new content consistently.

CS:GO responding to Rushly’s tweet seems to have sparked a series of speculations that the developers are indirectly hinting towards ‘Frostbite’ indeed making its way to the game. Which means that ‘Operation 10’ might be really close to its release and the map could indeed be a part of it along with a plethora of other alleged features like a 1v1 game mode, survival co-op missions, a new Danger Zone weapon called ‘Tripwire’, and special remake of both ‘Office’ and ‘Mirage’.

Maybe the new Danger Zone weapon which is claimed to be a ‘Tripwire’ is a utility that counters the ‘Bump Mine’. It might be useful for preventing players from surfing across half the map in the blink of an eye and strike you from the most unexpected positions.

Previously when Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill had requested CS:GO devs to add ‘Frostbite’ as a new Danger Zone map, the Tweet had been liked by the game’s official account so it is only fair to assume that these small gestures are indeed some sort of hint to hype up the release of ‘Operation 10’ which might be closer to its release than expected.

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