Everything We Know About CS:GO’s Operation 10

Since the beginning of November, there have been a lot of speculations about CS:GO’s next operation which was supposed to be released before the end of this month. With less than a week left to go the CS:GO community is still hopeful that they will receive ‘Operation 10’ after all the caster’s curse has also been successfully applied by SPUNJ and Machine.

Let’s take a quick look at what facts and figures do we have at our hands at this point and what information has been given to us by the CS:GO community insiders. This is everything we know about CS:GO’s ‘Operation 10’.

General Information – Early Hints Of CS:GO Operation 10

The very first signs of an upcoming operation was observed in the month of October when a few members of the community noted that the annual code cleaning process by Valve was underway which is a sort of routine that the developers follow before dropping a major update.

Valve had carried out a similar process between the months of September-November 2019 which coincides with the release date of the previous operation ‘Shattered Web’ which released on 18th November.

More solid speculative information was obtained on 7th November when a Dutch CS:GO skin creator and level designer shared some substantial news with the community along with proof. He posted a photo showcasing new data entry that seems to be really similar to the one previously made by Valve when releasing operation ‘Shattered Web’ in November last year.

This is by far the biggest piece of speculative evidence found by a community member which points towards an upcoming new operation.

Insider Information – Adding Strength To The Speculations

The very first information about ‘Operation 10’ was given by CS:GO insider ‘Nors3’ who stated from his side that a new operation was confirmed and was set to release really soon. He did however give a warning from his side that the release date could be in ‘Valve time’ which in general term means that a delay can be expected.

This was followed by a huge video release by ‘Valve News Network’ (VNN) who gave a lot of alleged details about the upcoming ‘Operation 10’ while also confirming that a new content piece was definitely in the works by Valve. The information about ‘Operation 10’ shared by VNN is as follows,

  • The upcoming operation would most likely be a part of something called ‘Seasonal Operations’ that Valve has been working on for quite some time. This is nothing but an annual operation which would be released in the month of November.
  • ‘Operation 10’ will be a snow/winter themed operation and the biggest clue for this is the highly anticipated Danger Zone map ‘Frostbite’ which was leaked via official game updates and is set to be a part of the upcoming operation.
  • Community members can expect to see a 1v1 game mode which would allow players to go up against either their friends or random opponents.
  • A new set of co-op missions will once again be present along with something a new survival co-op mission which would observe the players team-up and take on an endless horde of enemies.
  • A remake of both ‘Office’ and ‘Mirage’ can also be expected either for the speculated 1v1 or the existing wingman game mode.
  • New Danger Zone weapon called ‘Tripwire’ will also be added to the game and users are speculating that it could be a sort of a counter equipment to users who surf around the map using ‘Bump Mines’.

Extra Information

This is extra information which is heavily speculative so do take it with a pinch of salt. CS:GO’s official Twitter account has recently been quite active and while the community is loving this sudden change in attitude they also feel that some of the responses are actually hints to the upcoming ‘Operation 10’ and its features.

Them liking SPUNJ’s tweet where he can be seen requesting a new operation was considered as a huge positive sign by the CS:GO community.

Another tweet which caught the community’s attention was the one by Rushly where he can be seen taking a fantastic Danger Zone kill using bump mines while requesting CS:GO to add the map ‘Frostbite’.

This is all the information big and small that has come our way so far. With less than a week to go the CS:GO community is still not deterred as they believe that the ‘Operation 10’ will surely be released this month.

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