IN-Game Nick: YassyMx70
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:2062671448
HLstatsx Link:
Server you got banned: OaO Public and it seems I can't get into Classic as well
Reason of Ban: Aimbot
Admin who Banned You: instakill
Reason of Unban: I spend most of my time playing on OaO servers as I love this community, many great players know me, and they clearly know that I never hacked or cheated, I might be salty sometimes or claim that I turned hacks or stuff like this just to mess with other players while going hard. I was about to apply for an admin and now I got banned by one LOL. I have never cheated here and I would be gladly thankful if you could lift the ban, I'm currently ranked the 6th player and I do know I get some crazy shots sometimes but I never cheated. I don't know what to really say, I just feel ashamed, but do trust me I never cheated.