Goodbye Wheel

Today we’re shipping the first major update to the CS2 Limited Test. You can check out the release notes to see what’s new, but here are some of the big changes in today’s update:

New Loadout and Buy Menu

Head to the loadout to customize the weapons you take into battle! Make your choices for the T and CT sides with four pistols, five mid-range weapons (SMGs and Heavy), and five rifles (yes, you can bring both M4’s). Just drag and drop to adjust your buy menu however you see fit.

The buy menu has gotten a few extra upgrades, including a refund option for any weapons you purchased in the round and haven’t used yet, and indicators to help you track what your teammates are carrying.

Workshop Tools

The Limited Test now also includes all-new Counter-Strike 2 Workshop Tools, which can be enabled and downloaded from the in-game settings menu. These tools will allow community contributors to create weapon finishes, stickers, and maps.

There’s much more in today’s update, from smoke grenade adjustments to input and animation. Jump into the Limited Test and send your feedback to cs2team [at] valvesoftware [dot] com (make sure to include CS2LT in your title).

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