How to Bet Successfully on CS GO

With new maps, modes, and a fresh operation launched in December 2020, many are returning to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) in 2021. With a critical visibility update, official support for a Retake mode, and an overhaul of the comms system that now lets players ping areas and objects, making money from CSGO is even more fun.

CSGO is one of the most popular esports around, a multiplayer first-person shooter game first released in August 2012. With a bit of homework, you can bet successfully on CSGO gambling sites that will provide tournament previews, betting predictions, and team analyses. The game has become a global phenomenon and now that it is on the professional esports events circuit, you have the chance to win big on a variety of betting opportunities. 

Professional CSGO players and teams 

CSGO has seen many highly successful teams and players earn big money. Yet the head of the league tables can change fast with new players impacting which is the best team. Wagering successfully on CSGO means keeping up to date on the teams and players as you would in any team sport since a change in a team can significantly impact match results.  

CSGO bet types

There are dozens of CSGO tournaments annually, across every month and each covered by the best CSGO bookmakers. The most common CSGO bets are for the event finalists, event winner or the match-winner of a specific match. More specific bets are on map winners in games that may have one, three or five maps. CSGO bets also include handicaps, where the bet is for the team to win while at a certain lead or disadvantage whilst aiming for a map or round win. 

CSGO betting 

The odds are set so that bettors are unable to make a profit unless they choose a specific winner. However, you can make a profit by betting on both teams to win with live CSGO betting if you think the team is better than the odds indicate. However, you will need an in-depth knowledge of play for these bets. In this case, you would bet before the game begins and bet again as the opponent’s odds rise whilst the match is in play, betting enough that you make money whichever team wins. You can do this not just with single matches, but also match combinations, but need to win each outcome in the combination to win the bet.

Build a system

Whilst you cannot expect to win all your bets, build a system that takes failure into account and makes you money in spite of it. Thoroughly test your knowledge and methodology using small amounts to see if it works, when your system is good over a period of one to three months and your method is rational, you can make bigger bets without simply losing more money.  

Your system will incorporate damage control when you have made a wrong move and keeps your expectations in check whilst betting. This means knowing in advance what percentage of your bankroll you want to use, the level of risk you are prepared to take in relation to the odds on offer and how you will minimise loses to stay within your expected profit and loss performance. 

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