How to Increase FPS in CS:GO by Optimizing Background Processes – Detailed Guide

All those CS:GO players that are looking to get a FPS boost follow the steps given below.

If there is one thing that all CS:GO players have in common it has to be the constant desire to increase their FPS (frames per second) in-game. They are ready to try out any and all possible solutions to gain more FPS, even if the increment is fractional. As CS:GO is heavily dependent on the CPU performance of a players system, it is always beneficial to optimize the background processes while gaming. This small change can lead to a huge gain in FPS, as the CPU starts giving more priority to CS:GO by freeing itself up from the burden of other non-essential system processes, both active and passive.

Here are two super effective programs that can help fine tune system processes when you are playing CS:GO, optimizing the game to perfection and yielding an instant boost in FPS.

How to Boost FPS by Optimizing CS:GO – Complete Guide

There are various aspects and settings related to CS:GO that a user has to try out in order to get the maximum possible FPS from their system, without causing any damage to it. One such method which is often overlooked is optimizing the many active and passive system processes that run in the background while you play CS:GO.

Co-Founder of Refrag – Casey Foster recently came forward with a set of two CS:GO programs, Process Lasso and GameBoostHD, which when used together resulted in a gain of 60 FPS on her system.

The working principle of both these applications is to optimize background processes. They accomplish this by freeing up CPU usage from programs that are not being used and redirect it towards CS:GO instead, automatically providing a boost in performance.

Here is how you can get your hands on the two programs and configure them to work in perfect syncronization with CS:GO,


  • Open an internet browser and download GameBoostHD by ‘Clicking Here‘.
  • Users will have no problem operating GameBoostHD as it has no installer or a user interface, it is simply a .exe file (executable file).
  • Once you run the program it keeps operating in the backend, automatically detecting when a game is opened and optimizing background processes accordingly.
  • The program stops when a user shutsdown or restarts the system.
  • If in case you want to run the program as soon as the system starts, it is recommended to create a shortcut in your Start / Programs / Startup folder.

Process Lasso

Once again start by downloading Process Lasso by ‘Clicking Here‘. Unlike the program above Process Lasso will require the players to install it. After this, users will have to change a few settings within the application itself to work better with CS:GO. The recommended settings are as follows,

  • Open Process Lasso and for CS:GO give it the priority to ‘Set Always’.
  • Then uncheck ‘CPU 0’ within the ‘CPU Affinity’ option.
  • Next set ‘CPU Priority’ to ‘High’.
  • Finally go to the ‘Application Power Profile’ and set it to ‘Bitsum Highest Performance’.

This is it, once both these applications are up and running in the background along with CS:GO, you should observe a net increase in FPS in-game. Also, both these programs are themselves very lite on the system and will not hinder your overall system performance. Otherwise, their whole concept would fail in itself.

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