Is Valve planning something big for CSGO’s 20th anniversary?

As Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s 20th Anniversary approaches, Valve seems to have something on the way.

Last year was the unofficial 20th anniversary of the Half-Life mod that would come to be known as Counter-Strike, but 2020 marks the game’s official 1.0 release under Valve. As Dota 2, Left for Dead 2, and other Valve titles have seen updates and events over the past several months, Valve’s CSGO developers have focused mainly on cleaning up CSGO from the inside.

But a recent update to CSGO’s Latin American translation files made a multitude of additions concerning operations and how they are displayed in the South American countries that use those translation files.

More translation updates to CSGO code make ready for a new operation

The changes aren’t just differences in how specific phrases are translated, either. These changes add new lines for the LATAM files. It’s important to note that these lines have existed in the other versions of CSGO’s translations, including the English version.

But as CSGO grows in popularity around the world, Valve continues to make sure that every file inside CSGO’s different language files all follow the same template. The work that is being done on Valve’s end makes sure that if they decide to change a file in one language, that same change can be made to a different language file as easily as possible.

The majority of changes inside CSGO’s LATAM files expand on the tooltips and translations that appear when players hover over certain elements of CSGO’s user interface. Once again, these translations haven’t added anything new, but they continue to build CSGO’s underlying foundation by creating exact replicas of files across languages. 

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