Most Popular CS:GO Crosshairs of 2021 – Settings, Statistics, Detailed Guide

A crosshair is an important tool in CS:GO that helps a player in improving their aim and securing kills effectively. While there is no single crosshair that automatically makes you a better player, there are certain crosshair characteristics that players share in common to create an efficient crosshair. Though improving aim and reaction might boil down to practice and mechanical skill, having the perfect crosshair is a necessary pre-requisite as it directly enhances your firing capabilities. There is no single universal crosshair setting that all CS:GO players can use and get better at the game, setting up a crosshair simply comes down to personal preference, comfort, and playstyle.

However, there are certain common crosshair settings that multiple CS:GO players coincidentally end up using or adopting. Here are the most popular crosshairs being used by players in CS:GO based on community-wide research conducted by ‘dathost’, a CS:GO server hosting website.

Most Popular Crosshairs in CS:GO

According to research conducted by ‘dathost’ for which they analyzed more than a million user-generated crosshairs through their own crosshair generator tool, they have been able to gather data on five of the most popular CS:GO crosshairs that players like to use.

From the above image, we can see that the most widely used CS:GO crosshair size is ‘2’ while the preferred gap is ‘0’. The style ‘4’ seems to be a constant among all the aiming reticles along with a thickness of ‘1’.

None of the listed crosshairs was just a dot and a majority of them did not possess any sort of an outline. The colour ‘Green’ seemed to be in most demand and though all the crosshairs looked different, they shared certain common characteristics which made them all efficient tools to bolster a players aim.

Further data on certain crosshair metrics paint a much more clear picture of what players prefer and are currently using in-game. The green colour for crosshair was used by more than half of the player base, followed by Cyan, Red, White, Yellow, Pink, and Blue.

This gives us a good idea of what CS:GO players want to achieve from their crosshairs. Dot crosshair despite being talked about a lot is not preferred by most of the users, as it is not an effective way of spraying from a weapon. Even the outline of the crosshair is not preferred by the majority of the users, who like to keep the reticle minimal and thin enough to help them line their shot without being too much of a distraction.

Now the next time you want to set your crosshair in CS:GO, simply check out this detailed breakdown when deciding parameters of certain settings. It will help you in attaining the perfect crosshair which is balanced in all aspects.

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