New CS:GO Map Allows Users to Play Among Us, Available in Steam Workshop

Among Us in CS:GO is definitely not something new, but designing a whole new map especially for playing the game is pretty huge. The Russian website ‘Cybershoke’ which had earlier successfully ported the entire game of Among Us over to the Source engine, making it possible to play it in first-person within CS:GO as a unique mod on private servers, has now designed a special map called ‘Palace’. Among Us is the only game mode that can be played on this huge map, which apparently consists of “new tasks and challenges”. Unlike the previous mod, this one is not exclusive to their website and is available on the Steam Workshop.

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New CS:GO map designed for playing Among Us

A CS:GO map called ‘Palace’ has been designed with an aim to play Among Us on it. The map seems to be designed by a creator who goes by the name of ‘3x1S7’ on Steam for a Russian website ‘Cybershoke’



This website had earlier ported Among Us over to the Source engine, making it possible to play the game in CS:GO. But the downside to this way that, the game mode was only limited to their website which has limited servers across the world. So despite being a popular game mode and a lot of players wanting to try it out, the high ping and constant disconnection issue made it a huge buzzkill.

However, the game looked incredible due to the much powerful Source engine and the fact that players could enjoy the game in first-person, that too within CS:GO made it all the more exciting. This was a big reason why ‘Cybershoke’ went ahead and designed a whole new map dedicated to playing Among Us on the platform.

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‘Palace’ is a huge map that is basically a mansion and from the trailer, one can see that the different parts of the map include an outdoor fountain area, quite a big backyard, an indoor swimming pool, a cellar area, grand hallways, indoor auditorium, and even a common outdoors starting area for ‘emergency meetings’. Every aspect of this map has been designed keeping in mind that it is specifically made for the ‘Among Us’ game mode.



The best part is unlike last time, this ‘Among Us’ map is not exclusive to the website but can also be used by others on their own servers. It is available on the Steam Workshop and users who are interested can download it by Clicking Here.

Those who want to instantly join in on the action can directly go to the website and enjoy the game, as they have also increased their servers from only being available in Frankfurt to now covering various regions like Portland, Washington, Warsaw, and Strasbourg.

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