Operation Broken Fang: Week 1,2,3,4 CS:GO Missions Leaked

Valve has pumped out a lot of quality content along with the newest CS:GO operation ‘Broken Fang’ which released earlier today. The tenth operation has a lot of unique features like official retake game mode, special competitive matchmaking, detailed statistics, and six new maps.

It also has a plethora of in-game items such as new agents, more than a 100 weapon skins, stickers, patches, and more which the players are free to choose from by spending their hard-earned stars that they gain by completing weekly missions.

While the missions for the first week have already been revealed ‘u/BeepIsla’ has dug around a bit to find weekly missions for the next couple of weeks also hidden within the game files. Here are all the leaked missions, but do take this information with a pinch of salt as they may not be exactly accurate and are definitely subject to change.

Operation Broken Fang: Leaked CS:GO Weekly Missions


These missions are already out so no leaks over here, users can find these in-game already and can start completing them right away. These first week missions will come to an end on 10th December.

Premium UnleadedWin rounds in Broken Fang Premier.One ★ per 7, 15, and 20 rounds each.
Manual Transmission Win rounds in Competitive: Engage.One ★ per 7, 15, and 20 rounds each.
Mass Production Get 25 kills in Guardian: Engage.★ ★
Under The HoodThe Phoenix have been spotted! Find out what they are planning.★ ★
Warming UpGet AK47, M4A4, or M4A1-S kills in Casual: Ancient.One ★ per 7, 15, and 25 kills each.
Clutch ControlWin rounds in Retakes.One ★ per 3, 7, and 10 rounds each.
Ice & Snow, Take It SlowGet kills in Danger Zone: Frostbite.One ★ per 2, 4, and 6 kills each.


The second-week missions titled ’Moon Shot’ will mostly focus on one of the new maps launched along with operation Broken Fang called Apollo. Players would be required to play on the map in both Competitive and Guardian game modes while also completing a few other missions.

According to the list of missions, a maximum of 14 stars will be up for grabs which start on 11th December and go on till 17th December.


The set of missions for the third week are titled ‘Rangefinder’ and is focused on getting kills with ranged weapons across various maps and game modes like securing 20 kills with a sniper rifle on Train in Guardian.

As per the list above, 11 stars can be earned by completing these mission which starts on 18th December and concludes on 24th December.


The week four missions called ‘Full-Time Job’ is not specific to any one thing and ranges from various between the following game modes Wingman, Guardian, Retake, and Casual. A maximum of 11 stars can be earned by completing the below-mentioned missions which start from 25th December and go on till 31st December.

Apart from these four weeks, the names of all the remaining weekly missions are also known but the information about the type of missions within is still unknown and might be revealed in the next few weeks.

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