Release Notes for 8/31/2023

  • Added Premier mode
  • Added a visible CS Rating and CS2 Leaderboards. For more information visit the CS2 Leaderboard FAQ
  • Added CSTV for spectating Premier matches
  • Fixed a case where grenade throw sounds would play twice
  • Added music preview button to music volume sliders
  • Various adjustments to sound effects
  • Added Paint Kit enhancements to CS2 Item Editor. Paint Kit finishes can now support:
    • Enabling custom normal maps and AO for all styles
    • Optional pearlescent mask
    • Optional standard PBR roughness texture
    • Custom Paint-By-Numbers masks (enabling Paint-By-Number masks for Spray-Paint style)
  • Added Inferno to all available game modes
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks for all shipped maps
  • Fixed a bug with hostage rescue prediction
  • Enabled first-person shadow for carried hostages
  • Fixed water effects showing in the wrong place when a bullet hit the water after penetration
  • Various fixes for weapon finishes
  • Replaced “Secondary Fire Hold” setting with “Zoom Button Hold”
  • Fixed “Disable all voice comms” button in scoreboard
  • “Temporarily Disable Incoming Chat” now mutes voice chat
  • Various CS:GO settings will be imported when launching the CS2 Limited Test
  • Fixed a case of inconsistent crouching with Duck Mode: Toggle enabled
  • Updated the invulnerability visual effect
  • Adjusted ‘sv_infinite_ammo 2’ grenade behavior to match CS:GO
  • Desert Eagle third-person muzzle flash smoke now dissipates faster
  • Continued iterating on smoke shape
  • Adjusted Competitive mode match length to 12-round halves
  • Recent ranked matches in “Your Matches” menu will now show Competitive, Wingman, and Premier matches
  • Access to match history granted to third-party websites will now cover Competitive, Wingman, and Premier matches
  • GetNextMatchSharingCode API used by third-party websites must now supply a match sharing code that is no more than 1 month old to obtain the next match sharing code.

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