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CS:GO Dev has pushed another update for CS:GO which fixes two infamous issues in the game

CS:GO Dev has pushed another update for CS:GO which fixes two infamous issues in the game and has added support to display correct picks for Katowice 2019 Major after the Challengers Stage is finished. [MISC] Smokes that visibly fade off the ground now allow fire to spread under them without getting extinguished. Fixed a rare […]

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New CS:GO Updates Coming – Panorama UI Update, Lite Mode?

CS:GO leaks show that there are some new CS:GO updates coming. It looks like there’ll be a Panorama UI update featuring a Lite Mode. This should give CS:GO a performance boost, meaning those on lower-end PCs will be able to run it better. Leaks also suggest there will be some new Menu buttons, maybe to […]

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CS:GO Leak – CS:GO Heist Mode Coming According to Leaks

It was only a few months ago that CS:GO Danger Zone made it into the game. However, a new CS:GO Leak suggests we may get another new game mode. Leaks from the game files show that a CS:GO Heist Mode is currently in the works. It seems that players will work together to rob or […]

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CS:GO Update January 2019 – Zoo, Abbey Added to Maps

A new CS:GO update for January 2019 has updated the CS:GO map pool. Zoo and Abbey have now been added to the Casual and Deathmatch map pool. Meanwhile, a new version of Vertigo has been added to Wingman mode. Here’s more on the January CS:GO update. Zoo and Abbey Added to CS:GO Maps The latest […]

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CS:GO New Cache Remake 2019 Update

The new CS:GO Cache remake has been in the work since last year. We’ve previously seen new Cache leaks and even a video by FMPONE. Now, the map creator has posted an update letting players know that work is well underway on the CS:GO new Cache remake for 2019. The new Cache update shows that […]

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CS:GO console commands, launch options, and configs

What are the most useful CS:GO console commands? Like with many of Valve’s other games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can exploit the power of the Source engine console to give you more options and better settings. It’s just as important for improving at the game as knowing where to aim guns and grenades – plus, it […]

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New CS:GO Operation Concept: Operation Turning Tides Skins, Maps, More

A new CS:GO Operation Concept has been created by Tibor Miklos, the graphic designer who previously created Operation Blacksun. The new CS:GO operation concept includes new CS:GO maps, skins, updates to CS:GO Danger Zone and even a new CS:GO game mode. While it looks like the CS:GO developers may be more interested in making individual updates […]

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Alt-tabbing out of CS:GO can tell you when an enemy’s around the corner

A newly-reported CS:GO bug can give players a big competitive advantage simply by alt-tabbing out of the game. This wipes enemy players from your scoreboard. They reappear, one by one, as they enter your radar range – which gives you a significant clue about how many opponents are hiding behind the next wall. It’s unclear […]

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CS:GO is getting a Dust-themed battle royale map

Keen-eyed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have unearthed what appears to be proof of a new, Dust-themed map for the game’s new mini-battle royale mode, Danger Zone. By digging through the game files, a redditor found a minimap image in a file called tablet_radar_xl_dust.vtf. It’s a simple map that appears to show a hilltop fortress near […]

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CS:GO is getting review bombed after going free-to-play

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now free-to-play. As you might expect, this has led to some conversation among the existing playerbase – which is perhaps a needlessly euphemistic way of saying people are mad. The game’s been hit with over 13,000 negative reviews since the update went live, and that number is continuing to grow – […]

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