The Best CS:GO Maps to Play in 2022

Practicing your skills on different maps is not only an excellent way to have even more fun but also an essential step to earning more victories. You can’t be successful in this game while playing one map only. At the same time, you need a significant chunk of time to get better in all the CS:GO maps.

So, prioritize your training. Pay attention to a location that you not only like the most but is also popular among other players. Go to the next one when you feel ready and regularly return to the previous maps. Improving your skills in a specific set of maps will help to strengthen you as both an individual player and a team member. This article on the DMarket blog gives you all these answers and even a bit more. Interested? Then check out our list of the best CSGO maps.



Many players are looking for a “secret formula” to get better in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Regular practice and tips from our guides are certainly essential, but don’t forget about another super powerful factor – your in-game style. Awesome CS:GO weapons can positively affect your in-game mood and impress opponents.



You will definitely meet this location in online multiplayer, so get prepared for playing on Mirage CS:GO. The map is easily the most popular in the game, and many professional teams choose it at tournaments.

The Mirage map comes with lots of opportunities for team-work and many interesting strategies. The A Side has a few entrances for terrorists and many chances for counter-terrorists to hide and wait for the opponents. Battles on the B Side are also very exciting and unpredictable. Players can develop an impressive variety of skills on CS:GO Mirage, learn Mirage Callouts to understand the game, and then play much better on other maps as well.

Dust II



The CS:GO community enjoys this map in many games of the series, and it returns to Global Offensive in a significantly improved condition.

Dust II has many iconic places (Dust 2 callouts). Terrorist snipers can try and shoot opponents almost from their spawning position – through the Mid Door. The A Bomb Side is an uplifted platform in a relatively big open space with many extraordinary strategic and tactical opportunities. Multiple battles take place inside Long Doors and Long A. The B Side is rather closed, with good ambush spots, so players need some bold and innovative ideas to successfully plant or defuse the bomb here.


Unlike many other maps in CS:GO that are rather blank in terms of color and architecture decisions (probably to not distract players), Inferno is very beautiful. It’s a cute town with elegant buildings. Just being here is a pleasant experience, so take your time to explore this map and Inferno Callouts.



But of course, CS:GO players don’t always care about the beauty. Battle opportunities occur quickly, and Inferno is a pretty fantastic shootout location. Counter-terrorists quickly take both A and B Sides under their control and there is a pretty good chance to protect these places. Although terrorists can implement the Rush B scenario and carnage opponents through Banana or deceive them and use Appartement with Arch Side to plant on A.


A unique feature of this map is the location of the Bomb Sides – they are one under another. The nuclear station building has narrow passageways and big halls which adds variety to the experience. Shootouts can also happen outside and even on the roof.

The Nuke map in CS:GO is rather a small location where opponents tend to bump into each other. This teaches players to be extra cautious and to always coordinate your actions with the whole team bu using Nuke callouts.


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This map has almost the same level of beauty as Inferno – you appear near an ancient castle.

The Halls here are quite complicated, so you need to take your time to explore passageways between T Spawn and the B Bomb Side. The battle style on the A Side is quite different. Counter-terrorist spawn there, and they can expect approaching enemies from three main directions. Many interesting opportunities are available inside A Long and CT Ramp.




CS:GO battles inside buildings are full of adrenaline, and on Train, you never step outside the railway depot.

The two main halls here are big, and they have many trains to hide behind, climb up, or run around. The corridor on one side is long, with many possibilities for T to sneak undetected. The Alley and Ivy entrance offers good chances to deceive opponents.

Train is quite popular among professional CS:GO teams, but it is not that easy for beginners. To play your best game, you might need to have a very good mouse and know train Callouts.


For quite a long time, this map was in the shadow of other, more popular locations, but in 2019, the developers added it back in. New Vertigo is much improved, and it was even included in the active map pool – CS:GO map list for competitive matchmaking.

The Vertigo battles take place on top of a skyscraper. The map has stairs to enter other levels – terrorists and counter-terrorist spawn on different ones. The whole place is under construction, so it’s a nice mess to fight inside.



The upstairs territory has many small corridors for players to sneak around in an unpredictable way. The downstairs area is small and closed – it adds a special experience after the open spaces of other popular CS:GO competitive maps.

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