This spooky, snowy CS:GO map is ideal for Wingman mode

We’re now well and truly into spooky season, and while Halloween parties are very much off the table this year, you can always find alternative ways to celebrate within virtual worlds. From Fortnite to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, all the best PC games typically hold some sort of Halloween event. Failing that, there’s no shortage of scary, silly, and downright impressive Halloween-themed mods and maps to keep you busy.

One such example is Jd40, Quoting, and Quadratic’s wonderfully atmospheric CS:GO map, Ravine. It’s a proper creepy castle with a chilly vibe, curious locked doors, and a mounted deer head to complete the strong look. The river running below its centre is a lovely touch, too.

Work started on the map all the way back in 2018, and the effort that’s gone into it is plain to see. Also know that Ravine was designed primarily for the FPS game’s Wingman mode, but its Steam page says that it can comfortably be played in up to 8v8.

Custom CS:GO maps never really fail to impress. Recently, we’ve seen The Witcher 3’s Kaer Morhen and even a London Tube station recreated in impressive detail.

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