Top of the most expensive skins in CS:GO 2022

Expensive Weapons in CS:GO: What Are They and Why Do They Cost So Much?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is not just a game, but a real estate for collectors because the market for CS:GO skins is estimated at a billion $. There are so many items here that it’s almost impossible to count them. And although Valve tries to add new cases on a regular basis, not all of the things that appear may deserve your attention. This, unfortunately, is true. Most of the skins it adds are junk. However, there are truly the best and that is why expensive CS:GO skins. And to make it easier to find them, we have compiled our own list, in which we selected skins according to the following criteria:

  • Availability. The presented skins can only afford a small percentage of players. The rest just have to look and envy or use the CS:GO upgrader to exchange items for one of these skins.
  • Beauty. The selected skins are so beautiful that they stand out from the background of the closest competitors. Their beauty consists of rarity and extraordinary appearance.
  • Popularity. This criterion shows that the community has embraced them and would love to get each of the items to enjoy competitive play even more!

At the end of the article, you will also find a useful mini-guide on how to determine the rarity of a skin.

Dragon Lore Souvenir – $26,000

It is not a secret for every CS:GO player, that the most expensive item in the game is the Dragon Lore. This is the most attractive, prestigious, and rare item in the game. They can be counted as no more than ten pieces over the world! Naturally, if we are talking about the quality of “factory new”. Over time, this coloring will only rise in price, from which it becomes not only an attractive prerogative for players but also for investors.

Stattrak Karambit Crimson Web – $15,000

Knife Karambit, and also with such a pattern, is a godsend for the lucky ones. In addition, the best quality is a special rarity for such a knife. Again, rarity is responsible for such a huge cost. This edged weapon is a real dream of any collector.

StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet Crimson Web – $9,000

This skin was released on August 14, 2013, along with the Arms Deal update. The design immediately became a hit and its price is only growing – because of the beautiful rarity and beauty. It had cost much less from the beginning of its appearance, but then legendary players start to play with it. Pleasant reviews like “it even cuts nicer” helped the skin to rise in price three times.

StatTrak™ AK-47 Fire Serpent – $8,255

In an era when everyone wants to be brighter and more colorful, this AK-47 impresses with its modesty and, of course, the price. It is also the oldest skin in our top – it was released more than eight years ago. And it was this factor that was reflected in its so high price. It was added to the Bravo case, which is now worth at least $37. Of course, with such a cost of a case, it is simply impossible to knock out such an AK-47. Therefore, this is the second factor that helped this skin achieve its price and rarity.

StatTrak™ M4A4 Howl – $8,000

It was supposed to be the most common rifle skin from the Huntsman weapon case. But due to human greed and ambition, its price skyrocketed. The history of it begins in 2014. One user wanted to create their own skin but ended up stealing the artwork. The real author eventually found out about this and filed a copyright infringement notice. The skin has been redesigned and removed from the case. Therefore, now the number of existing skins is strictly limited, and this gives rise to such a high price. There are still a few Howl skins in the game and the most expensive craft of 2022 was Howl with 4 iBuyPower Holos from Kato 2014.



How to Determine the Rarity of a Skin?

Pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and rifles from cases have their own value, on which the price on the marketplace depends. The principle is as follows – the less often an item comes across in cases and the better its quality, the higher the price.

Skins in the Counter Strike have the following gradation:

  • Consumer Grade – white items that are most often found, do not fall out of cases and have the lowest value. The cost rarely exceeds even a cent.
  • Industrial Grade – light blue items that are also of little value and do not drop out of boxes. On the trading floor, prices reach about 10 cents.
  • Mil-Spec – these items in dark blue are already more expensive, from 20 cents, and look presentable.
  • Restricted – the average level of value, the cost of rare purple specimens reaches several tens of $.
  • Classified – expensive pink skins, the price of which reaches 100 or more $.
  • Covert – rare red skins, the cost varies within 1000 $.
  • Extraordinary – gold-colored items that every gamer dreams of. The percentage of getting them is very rare. Knives and only a few rifles in Counter Strike: Global Offensive have this quality.


An expensive skin in CS:GO is primarily an aesthetic pleasure, status, and simply a value in itself in the economy of the Steam platform. Moreover, each player can get one of these wonderful items by opening even one case. It is enough to choose a box and purchase a key.

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