TSM officially returns to the Counter-Strike scene

After days, weeks, and months of anticipation and rumors, the long-awaited return of the popular North American organization TSM to the Counter-Strike scene has become a reality. The official announcement of the organization’s return to the CS:GO world was made, and it came with a powerful and experienced roster of players.

Rumors that previously circulated about the future roster and staff of TSM were varied, but the official announcement put an end to them, making everything clearer than ever. After a more than six-year hiatus, TSM is returning to the world of Valve shooters with the aim of claiming a place in the competitive arena of CS2, which is set to be released soon.

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TSM confirms its return to the CS:GO scene

The North American organization TSM has announced its new lineup in Counter-Strike, posting an official statement on its Twitter page.

The last iteration of TSM in the Counter-Strike scene was purely North American. However, this time they decided to look overseas and sign players with extensive experience playing on the European continent. Moreover, all players have played many matches at the highest competitive level, so much can be expected from this lineup.

So, the new TSM Counter-Strike lineup is as follows:

• Timofey “interz” Yakushin

• Kai “CYPHER” Watson

• Odrik “JACKZ” Jug

• Valdemar “valde” Vangs

• Mirea “MoDo” Andrei

• Remy “XTQZZZ” Quoniam – Head Coach

It is evident that all players, except for MoDo, have significant top-level competitive experience. However, MoDo, a 20-year-old Romanian player, has not yet had experience playing at such a level.

interz previously played for Cloud9, but left the team in January 2023 and became a free agent in March of the same year. He has not participated in professional matches since. Rumors suggest that Virtus.pro considered him as a potential player, but he was not a fit for the team.

CYPHER was the star of Into The Breach at the last major in Paris, after which he became a free agent. As for valde, he left ENCE in February 2023 and has not been seen on the pro scene since, while JACKZ left HEET earlier in the year but played as a stand-in for Vitality at the ESL Pro League Season 17.

The rumors have been confirmed

The North American organization TSM announced its plans to return to the world of Counter-Strike at the end of 2022, but then the flow of information seemed to have stopped. However, after a few months of silence, there was a data leak on July 24th regarding TSM’s alleged lineup.

There were also certain “disagreements” regarding contracts, which, according to reports, arose a few weeks ago, and this almost delayed the project in its final stages. However, everything indicates that these issues were resolved, as the organization recently announced its return.

Details about the roles of each player in the new TSM lineup remain a mystery, but it is believed that MoDo will play the role of sniper, and CYPHER will take the place of an Entry Fragger. On the other hand, the role of IGL (in-game leader, captain) will most likely be entrusted to veteran valde, who has had similar experience in his previous teams.

The exact debut date of the new TSM lineup and the format of the tournament where they will be introduced remain unknown. It’s important to note that TSM does not have partnership relations with organizations like BLAST and ESL, and they were also not invited to Tier 1 tournaments. However, considering that many Tier 2 tournaments are currently being held, this experienced lineup might receive an invitation to one of these competitions.

In anticipation of the upcoming release of CS2, we eagerly await the performances of all teams on the scene, including TSM.

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