User Recreates Kaer Morhen Fortress From The Witcher as CS:GO Map

The talents of a CS:GO map creator should never be questioned as shown by this talented individual who managed to recreate the popular ‘Kaer Morhen’ fortress from the video game series The Witcher, for the game we all love to hate. The map is currently there on the Steam Workshop under the name of ‘ttt_kaer_morhen’ and looks exactly similar to the original in one glance.

Kaer Morhen Fortress From The Witcher Recreated In CS:GO

One of the most iconic places from The Witcher series the ‘Kaer Morhen’ fortress which is the ancestral training ground of the witchers of the school of the wolf is now available as a CS:GO map all thanks to the very talented map creator ‘ZelezoBeton’ from Slovakia.

According to him, the map is not a 1:1 replica but more of a freehand transformation. He says the inspiration for the map has come from one of the most famous Counter-Strike maps ever Cobblestone and that he has even used some textures from it. No wonder it looks eerily similar to it, especially for those who do not recognize the structure and know where it comes from!

In one look the recreated map looks exactly similar to the original fortress from the high rise towers, broken walls, and even the scenery surrounding the structure. A closer look might obviously result in a few discrepancies but the creator has overall done a fantastic job, the several awards and positive comments on the Steam Workshop page are a testament to this.

While being open to players to enjoy deathmatch, retake, wingman, and other such game modes this map has especially been created to be played in ‘Trouble in Terrorist Town’ game mode which can only be accessed through Garry’s Mod. This is the reason why the map includes “2 traitor traps (stairs and zipline) and 4 teleports around the map to get into the traitor rooms.”

TTT game mode is basically ‘Among Us’ but in CS:GO and in order to enjoy these aspects of the map the user needs to have both Garry’s Mod and Counter-Strike installed.

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