User Replaces Mouse With Custom Wooden Gaming Gun to Play CS:GO

As Counter-Strike players, one thing we have spend hours on selecting is the perfect gaming mouse which is both responsive and ergonomic. While most of us after hours of scouting and deliberation select a mouse from those available in the market, a creative user took this time to come up with his own custom mouse which is one of its kind and truly unique.

YouTuber ‘Ta&Coh’ operates a wood crafting channel and in one of his recent videos he came up with a custom ‘Wooden Gaming Gun’ which is basically a mouse that is shaped like a gun using which he played CS:GO.

CS:GO User Creates Custom Wooden Gaming Gun

A woodcrafter who seems to be an avid CS:GO player created a custom mouse which was shaped like an actual handgun and completely made out of wood. He took three pieces of wood to craft the weapon and equipped it with two moving springs which basically acted as the right and left mouse clicks.

He then attached it to a mouse and started using it in CS:GO. The results were outstanding and all the 90’s kids would actually get a feel similar to that of ‘Duck Hunt’ once again as if gaming on a retro video game console. The ‘trigger’ of the gun acts as the left-click of the mouse while the ‘hammer’ acts as the right-click and moving the whole gun around by dragging it would help the user look around.

It became a topic of discussion on Reddit with users applauding the creator’s handiwork while also highlighting the ergonomics of the product which would definitely be amazing after a bit of getting used to. The creator himself stated that “I had a doubt from the beginning, to be honest thinking it might not work as I imagined but once I got used to it, it actually worked! Shooting, aiming, zoom in for sniping, all work just fine.”

The creator was massively applauded for his efforts and though it might not be a polished product, it was certainly a creative masterpiece in its own right. I would have personally liked to try out the product for at least for a month just to try it out and have fun with it.

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