Valve adds Unranked mode to CS:GO, reworks non-Prime account features

Valve has dropped a pretty big announcement on the Counter-Strike community, confirming that CS:GO will finally be getting an “Unranked” mode.

This new mode will emulate the competitive experience by using skill-based matchmaking without taking into account or affecting Skill Groups. Unranked will be available for Competitive, Wingman, and Danger Zone game modes to start. 

There are also some new changes to the non-Prime player experience for the game, which includes non-Prime status accounts no longer earning XP, Ranks, Skill Groups, item drops, or Prime status through play time. Non-Prime accounts will also be unable to participate in Ranked matches, activate Bonus Rank XP items, or claim Service Medals.

Ranked matches will always be with other Prime players, while Unranked matches will pull from a mixed pool of non-Prime players and Prime players that have decided to queue in Unranked. 

Initial responses to these changes are mostly positive, because they are getting Unranked and it will be harder for cheaters and bots to impact the game. Though there are also the contingent that isn’t happy about having to pay for the $15 Prime Upgrade to continue playing Ranked. 

Additionally, Scrimmage has been removed from Competitive matchmaking, and has been replaced by Unranked matchmaking. You can view all of the details for this massive update on the CS:GO blog.

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