Valve Looking for Users Who Play CS:GO on WiFi to Test Mysterious New Tech

Valve seems to be looking for a few volunteers with a very specific set of requirements which includes a necessary prerequisite that they play CS:GO or Dota 2 over a WiFi connection. Some other points that these volunteers should tick are, having an early build access of ‘Windows Insider’, paying close attention to both ‘Network Latency’ and ‘Network Quality’, last but not the least willingness to help Valve test out “some new tech”. This is the only set of information made public knowledge by Fletcher Dunn who is a Software Developer at Valve, rest of it will be directly given to shortlisted candidates.

Valve wants CS:GO users to test out some new technology

Valve has reached out to both the CS:GO and Dota 2 community to help them out with some mysterious new technology, information on which is currently not made public knowledge. There are a few very specific requirements listed out by the developers that the users applying should possess, like playing the two games over WiFi while playing close attention to the network latency and quality.

Some users have come forth with an assumption that maybe Valve has come up with some kind of a technology to further improve network issues across both these titles. The most unusual requirement is users who play CS:GO and Dota 2 over WiFi, as these users often face a lot more packet loss, ping spikes, and network interruption problems when compared to those that game over ethernet. But what exactly can Valve do from their side as these WiFi issues are often related to either the router or the system being used by the user.

Apart from this another idea pitched by the community is that maybe Valve is trying something similar to what Riot Games has done for Valorant, in order to reduce the ‘Peekers Advantage’ in CS:GO. This could definitely be something that could further enhance the Counter-Strike experience for players, but how this could benefit Dota 2 is something to think about.

While this could be seen as a good sign that Valve is trying to come up with new stuff for both their lead titles, some members of the community were quite upset after hearing this because their demand from the developers is to fix some of the basic stuff that has been negatively impacting the game for a few years now.

Problems like sudden FPS stutter which has been pointed out by even professional players like Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski and Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen, and the bug which allows players to drop utility and defuse kits to teammates, are prime examples of problems that have existed in CS:GO since a long time now.

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