Ways Indians Make Money from Online Gaming

Making money via video games has become a realistic source of income for many Indians over recent years. The online gaming business has witnessed significant growth, thanks to so many various platforms to select from and wonderful games being released.

Playing video games may be a terrific way to decompress and may even turn out to be a good way to make some additional revenue. We’ll go through how to generate money playing online games and provide various platforms to get you started.

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How to Make Money in the Online Gaming World

There are several ways to make your mark in the online gaming industry while also earning money. You may identify your specialty in video games and make money by following a passion for your hobbies and time commitments. Here are some of the best methods to generate money in India’s online gaming industry.

1. Online Betting

Betting on cricket online is a common activity in India. Cricket is a popular online sport in the nation, and betting on it might provide you with some quick income. However, current information may be continually refined. If you are new to cricket betting and want to learn how to make money from the best online casinos for Indian players, the instructions below are for you.

  • Choose an app or an online sportsbook
  • Create an account
  • Then, from the sports section, choose cricket and the sort of bet you wish to place
  • Make a deposit.
  • Place your wager
  • You will make a profit if you win the bet.

2. Create an Online Gaming YouTube channel

Many enthusiastic Indian gamers make money in the internet gaming realm by running a YouTube channel. You may broadcast live broadcasts or pre-recorded films of your games to others as you go through the game.

To increase your following and monetize your YouTube channel, you may also upload video game lessons, gameplay tutorials, game reviews, and general gaming tips. When your visitors watch video or banner advertising on your gaming videos, you will receive a share of the ad income.

3. Becoming an Online Video Game Developer

If you like to work behind the scenes and want to be both a competent player and a game creator, becoming a video game developer may be the road for you.

You may collaborate with game design businesses to build a new game and earn a living in the video game industry. Indian game developers earn money by working for a video game firm, with the typical income ranging between $1000 and $5,000 per month.

You may go through job boards to see what qualifications are required for a game developer since each firm will most likely have different needs.

4. Make a Career as a Game Streamer

A live streamer is someone who sits in front of a camera and plays games in real-time for the rest of the world to watch. Since you can virtually broadcast any game, the possibilities for gaming are endless.

With a burgeoning ‘E-sports’ movement and informal ‘Lets Plays,’ the money comes from fan contributions and commercial sponsorships, making it a highly appealing employment choice.

  • Super Chat is the name of YouTube’s contribution service.

Viewers can make tiny donations or “tips” to highlight messages in your channel’s chatbox. YouTube also allows viewers to purchase chat animations known as Super Stickers, and you earn a percentage of each transaction.

  • Twitch users may “Cheer” using Bits.

If you’re a Twitch affiliate or partner, you’ll make around a penny for every Bit that a viewer uses to applaud. The audience is allowed to submit a message that will display with a unique type of emoting known as a Cheer mote.

One of the most significant advantages of streaming is that it may generate real-time engagement as opposed to passive engagement in recorded videos. Additionally, the direct contact between the streamer and their audience distinguishes their brand from other mediums.

5. Compete in Online Tournaments

Although it is not a sure method to make money in India (unless you are talented), winning competitive tournaments in various online video games may earn you a lot of money.

With E-sports gaining popularity in the last year or two, many E-sports organizers hold daily scrim competitions on a small to medium level before competing in larger tournaments involving games like Counter Strike, Overwatch, PUBG and League of Legends.

Users may compete against other team members at the same time on numerous websites and earn money while playing games by redeeming their points for gift cards. You may solve many puzzles and play a variety of games such as Solitaire, Bingo, Pool, Helix Jump, Ball Blast, Blackjack, Poker, and others.

6. Become a Moderator in Esports

eSports, like physical sports like Cricket, WWE, and others, have commentators to keep their audience engaged with the game. While the task of an eSport pundit is more difficult than that of traditional sports, it is also more gratifying. Similarly, casting and moderating for streams can provide ad money.

If you can engage an audience by providing excellent commentary, you may approach an eSports team and begin your career as a moderator.

7. Make a Career as a Video Game Journalist

Another excellent approach to pursue your love of video games is to work as a video game journalist. You’ll cover new video game releases, play games and write reviews, cover gaming competitions, and more.

You can work as a freelance video game journalist or for a video game publication. The majority of Indian video game journalists earn a respectable living depending on their knowledge, profile, and portfolio.

Final Thoughts

There are several methods to generate money online in India in the field of online gaming. These are only a few examples, and they just scratch the surface. The only things needed to get started earning money online are time and enthusiasm.

Consider it, establish your goals, and take off. The longer you wait to act, the more money you will lose. Begin now. Make yourself so financially comfortable that you forget it’s payday. Earn more by working smarter!

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