What is the Best Version of Counter-Strike?

For more than 20 years, Counter-Strick is a video game that has consistently been on the bestseller lists. It has become the video game that has lasted longer than any other. The years have seen variants of the game, though all stay close to the core principles of “pick” (getting an opening frag for your team), “trade” (trading a kill or revenge frag in a skirmish with a teammate in a skirmish) and “flank” (hitting the enemy from an angle or direction that catches them off guard). Players can bet on the biggest Counter-Strike title, Global Offensive (CS:GO) through a variety of gambling options. Casino games are available across hundreds of sites, though players should only play on sites licensed by gambling commissions. Regulatory authorities offer an assurance that not only are

The competition

Counter-Strike was formed through 1999 and 2000. Arguably the most significant iterations for comparison purposes are 1.3 and 1.6. Four years later, Counter-Strike: Source (CS:S) was launched with Counter-Strike: Condition Zero following later the same year though it never received the same accolades for quality as CS:S, which removes it from the list of contenders. The most recent version is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, launched in 2012. All the games have seen feature changes and updates since launch, becoming games that are quite different to the ones first launched. 

The best version of Counter-Strike 

CS 1.6

The criteria for the “best” version of Counter-Strike will depend on the audience, with much nostalgia about the movement mechanics. Part of this nostalgia relates to the higher skills needed in the game compared with any other version, particularly concerning gunplay. Whilst CS:S is the obvious answer with improved graphics, particularly with maps and guns and improved audio for gun-shots, the classic CS 1.6 retains original graphics that many prefer since the grenades are easier to see and their paths more predictable than in later iterations. In addition, in CS 1.6 it is possible to shoot through walls everywhere, but in CS:S players can only shoot through doors and small walls,


The graphics are much improved in CS:S and the weapons are better, with the M4 rile more effective, though the AK-47 is weaker than in CS 1.6.  Gunsmoke from the assault rifles is thick enough that it is impossible to see through it with just one shot, which needed two in earlier versions. 

CS:Global Offensive

The latest version of CS:GO is much different than the 2012 original thanks to professional player input leading to extensive updates to create one of the best competitive games that continues to be improved in small ways with input from the gaming community. Global Offensive is still breaking player records and as an eSport is still thriving. 


The answer as to the best version of Counter-Strike will depend on the person you ask. The CS 1.6 games are particularly special, easy to understand and can be run on any PC. However, it can be argued that by incorporating the best of new technology, Global Offensive is the best Counter-Strike version of all time.

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