Who Invented CSGO Crash Betting & Why Is It So Popular?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CSGO is one of the most popular FPS games right now. It traces back its roots to Counter-Strike game created in 1999. If this is your first time hearing about it, here is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Overview for 2021 you need to read up on. But the game has amassed enough online following that a big part of the game is already huge on online betting platforms. And one of the most popular is CSGO Crash Betting.

CSGO Crash Betting Background

Before we go in and talk about the gameplay for CSGO Crash Betting, it can help if you knew how it all started. It basically started in 2016 introduced by the CSGOCrash gambling website. But they faced several account bans by Valve that they had to cease operations.  

But other big CSGO gambling sites like CSGORoll and Gamdom started to offer CSGO Crash Betting in late 2016 to 2017. But Valve was on top of the game, shutting them down because some of them used bots. This forced some sites to make use of deposits and withdrawals using cryptocurrency just to stay online.

2018 came and revolutionized CSGO deposits and withdrawal – this was using skins. This made payments instant as well. This new system makes CSGO Crash Betting, and even other sites come back stronger and better. This paved the way for some of the betting sites to work their way to the top of the industry.

How does CSGO Crash Betting work?

Crash betting is fast-paced and a high adrenaline game. This is part of the reason why people like to play it so much. It is also a high-risk game – which means payout can be huge as well. Here is how it is played.

Step 1: Pick a CSGO crash site to play at (check comparison list here)

Step 2: Place your bet – you have about 15-30 seconds to do this before the round starts.

Step 3: Once all bets are in, a line begins to go up diagonally showing the multiplier for the bet.

Step 4: Once the multiplier is at a number you want, you can choose to withdraw for the round. So if your bet is $10 and you withdraw at a multiplier of 2X, you win $20.

Sounds easy? The downside to this is that if you do not withdraw and the round “crash,” you lose the bet. Then another round starts again.

Why is CSGO Crash Betting so popular?

Some might argue that CSGO Crash Betting is just as popular as the CSGO game itself. Some players even look for Tips to Become a Better CSGO Player just to get skins to use in betting. Here are a few reasons why it is a hit within the CSGO gambling sites.

  • Fast and quick round – Each round in CSGO Crash Betting is quick. The line starts going up real fast that you have to make quick decisions whether to withdraw your bet or stay and hope it goes up even further. 
  • Visual multiplier – The multiplier represents how much you can win in the round. The more it goes up, the bigger your winnings can be. But if you do not time your withdrawal, you end up losing your bet and potential winnings for that round.
  • Big winnings – The possibility of winning with a 200X multiplier makes people stay and play the game.

Tips in playing CSGO Crash Betting

The game is fun and exhilarating to play but looking at some tips to help[ you enjoy it, even more, couldn’t hurt. Here are 3 things to consider:

  • Use the bonuses offered by CSGO Crash Betting Sites – Most of the betting sites offer some sign-up bonuses and even additional bonuses and promotions if you play the game. Start with those funds so you can learn how to play the game and familiarize yourself with it.
  • Have a budget – Once you start playing, it is easy to lose track not only of time but money as well. Have a specific budget in mind before playing. This is the amount you can lose on that day if you are having a bad day. This can help you cut your losses for the day. 
  • Look for a reputable site – It is crucial to look for a reputable CSGO Crash Betting site before you start playing. This lowers the chances of being scammed and losing your money.

There are also 3 strategies you can use in putting a wager in CSGO Crash Betting games.

  • Low cash out – This is withdrawing money even with a small multiplier just so you win in the round. This is a low-risk but low reward strategy as well.
  • High cash out – This is when you decide to wait out until the multiplier goes up. This is riskier but can yield more winnings.
  • Martingale system – This strategy is used in most betting games where you simply double your wager every time you lose. The idea is that you recoup your losses if you do win that round. But winning succeeding rounds is never a guarantee and your losing streak can drag on.
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