The CS:GO jumpthrow bind is now tournament legal

July 6, 2019July 6, 2019

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have made creative use of keybinds for years to make certain types of complex actions easier to replicate. The jumpthrow bind, for example, lets players quickly jump and throw smokes without needing to hit multiple buttons at once. These sorts of minor scripts have historically been forbidden at tournaments, but it […]

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CS:GO fans are working on their own take on Auto Chess

June 26, 2019June 26, 2019

With the stratospheric rise of Dota Auto Chess and the subsequent arrival of both Dota Underlords and League of Legends’ Teamfight Tactics, I’m of the opinion that it’s only a matter of time before a tidal wave of autobattlers arrives on the scene. And since Dota is the home of the new trend, where better to start than one of […]

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CS:GO gets a retro version of Dust II to celebrate 20 years of Counter-Strike

June 19, 2019June 19, 2019

Counter-Strike is officially 20 years old today. The first beta version of a PvP mod of the original Half-Life released in June 1999, and has today grown into one of the most iconic FPS franchises in the world. In a blog post published early this morning, Valve said that “twenty years ago, a humble Half-Life mod changed […]

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AUG nerf, retro Dust II arrive in latest CS:GO update

June 19, 2019June 19, 2019

In celebration of Counter-Strike’s 20-year anniversary, Valve has added a retro version of Dust II, in addition to tuning the AUG to “bring its utility more in line with other rifles.” Available in the Casual Dust II map group, the retro Dust II map is a very fitting way to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Dust II has […]

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CS:GO’s newest update broke a character model

June 11, 2019

Yesterday’s CS:GO update has caused a bug that’s broken one of the game’s character model. alve has reduced the memory footprint of some character models and it affected one called “FBI model A,” a counter-terrorist character playable on Nuke. The update is supposed to improve FPS for low specs systems. Since the FBI model is […]

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Steam’s new mobile chat app is available now

June 9, 2019June 9, 2019

Valve has announced a new mobile app, offering a new and improved version of Steam Chat, right there in your pocket. The app, builds on the features available in the desktop version of the platform’s messenger, and is now available in beta on both iOS and Android devices. mportantly, your friends list will remain in place, […]

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New CS:GO release notes confirm changes to competitive matchmaking

June 1, 2019June 1, 2019

The latest release notes for CS:GO have been published on the game’s official blog. Most notable of these announcements is the addition of Ruby to the competitive matchmaking pool, and the removal of Zoo. Additionally, players are now limited to a single cooldown level for “abusively kicking teammates even if they vote kick multiple teammates in […]

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CS:GO exploit lets you change the shape of smoke and make fire disappear

May 20, 2019June 1, 2019

A new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive exploit has been discovered, which allows players to basically reset either the fire from molotovs, or the shape of the smoke that deploys from smoke grenades. In the most extreme cases, that could allow exploiters to create one-way smokes on official servers with anti-cheat protections, but there are some limitations […]

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive adds LFG system

May 15, 2019June 1, 2019

Are you looking to meet heavily-armed and available men in your area for hot action… and maybe more? Someone who won’t flashbang you then run? Or fancy a group of like-minded murdermen for chat and banter? Pick up your mouse and click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which has added a looking-for-group system to help players party […]

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This animation shows the rise of the AUG with CS:GO pros

May 6, 2019June 1, 2019

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remains one of Steam’s most popular games, and its professional scene is still thriving. It’s the pros – and which of the game’s weapons they prefer – that often drive tweaks and changes to the game, and a couple of animated charts show how their preferences have changed over time. The first […]

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