CS:GO is getting review bombed after going free-to-play

December 9, 2018March 18, 2019

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now free-to-play. As you might expect, this has led to some conversation among the existing playerbase – which is perhaps a needlessly euphemistic way of saying people are mad. The game’s been hit with over 13,000 negative reviews since the update went live, and that number is continuing to grow – […]

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CS:GO Danger Zone Guide – How To Win, Make Money, Items, Map & More

December 9, 2018March 4, 2019

CS:GO Danger Zone is now free to play in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The 16-18 player battle royale mode is a whole new way to play, with new items and objectives. Here’s our CS:GO Danger Zone Guide on how to win, items, how to make money, and more. CS:GO Danger Zone Guide – Items There are […]

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CS:GO players think they’ve found a Portal ARG in the new battle royale map

December 9, 2018April 7, 2019

Something weird is going on with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s new battle royale mode, Danger Zone. Players have discovered a bank of computers that are hidden behind a surface-level joke that they think might be a hint from Valve about… something. There’s a lot to unpack here, and at this point nobody outside of Valve is […]

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CS:GO December 7 update contains important Danger Zone improvements – Full patch notes

December 8, 2018December 9, 2018

Just a day after releasing the new battle royale mode for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve has dropped an update that solves a few important issues that cropped up with the December 6 update.  After much speculation, Valve dropped a bomb on the CS:GO community in the form of a huge December 6 update that not […]

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Now that it’s free-to-play, CS:GO’s player count is rocketing

December 7, 2018December 9, 2018

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s latest big update is Danger Zone, and it’s already live. As suspected, the central mode is Valve’s take on battle royale – but what we didn’t suspect is that CS:GO is now fully free-to-play. Yep, that’s the whole game, not just battle royale, and not just the offline modes that went free […]

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Free to Play

December 6, 2018December 9, 2018

Danger Zone update is just released and it bring CS:GO completly free to play. What is included with CS:GO? CS:GO (now available for free) is the full game. New CS:GO players will receive access to all game modes, matchmaking, and a limited set of item drops and weapon cases. What is Prime Status and how […]

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A CS:GO update is coming this week as more survival mode leaks arrive

December 4, 2018December 9, 2018

Valve wants to know what you’re doing on Wednesday. If your answer is anything other than ‘playing CSGO,’ you might want to reconsider, as signs increasingly point to this being a major update. We’re long overdue for a new operation, and reports that the new Survival mode is impending have only intensified – exactly what […]

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5 CS:GO Updates We Need In A New CS:GO Operation

December 2, 2018December 9, 2018

It’s now been over a year since Operation Hydra ended. And while there’s no news of the next CS:GO operation in sight, there are some CS:GO leaks suggesting we could get one soon. But what would a new CS:GO operation entail? Here are 5 potential updates we’d love to see Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Updates We Need In […]

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Tips to improve your game and rank up to Global Elite

November 16, 2018December 9, 2018

In a world where new Battlefield and Call of Duty games are released yearly, it’s a huge testament to the brilliance of CS:GO that the game is still going strong six years after its release.  There’s just something magical about the eternal battle between terrorists and counter-terrorists round after round. Whether you’re completing the mission objective or methodically taking […]

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CS:GO Map Callouts (Overviews)

November 16, 2018April 7, 2019

These are the most popular call-outs for all active duty competitive maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Please note that we have not made all these call-outs, besides de_mirage – which we made because we had some changes to the call-outs. As soon as we have time, we will update the other call-out overviews with our […]

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